It’s time to start thinking about planting those Food Plots.

Pure Seed – No Fillers – Clear bags so you can see what you are buying.

bags in barn


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Kevin Gullett   Kevin 2  Kevin 3

Invite Customer Kevin Gullett just planted clover and chicory here and the deer have found it already.

Also has a Rax Sack hanging from a branch…good variety…minerals and feed.

I say there are loving both!

Thanks for the great photos.


Fat Rax II     Rack sack 7-18

Rax Sack

Our new Rax Sack contains 2.35# of our FAT RAX Minerals

flavored with either Apple or Grape.

NOW OFFERING, Sweet Corn, Sugar Beets,  Peanut Butter and White Oak flavorings.

$11.99 each

To order call the office 330.766.2287


Hang the Rax Sack over your INVITE FAT RAX Mineral Site and make sure

you put a camera on it – get ready for some amazing photos!



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