Our Seed and Mineral Specialist Brian Woods knows that a good food plot is key to keeping big deer on your property. He got this 6 – 1/2 year old MONSTER Buck over an INVITE turnip field.

Nice buck Brian!! Congratulations

This is one of the best times to get our FAT RAX MINERALS and the RAX SACK out for your deer herd. After a hard rut they need to pack on as much body weight as they can for the winter. Most of the body weight has been lost through the rut and gun season. If you are looking to grow big bucks you need to get it out now. Call our office to order 330 766 2287 or use this website to place your order.


Rack sack 7-18

Rax Sack

Our new Rax Sack contains 2.35# of our FAT RAX Minerals Flavored with your choice of,  Sweet Corn, Sugar Beets,  Peanut Butter, White Oak, Honeysuckle, Grape or Apple.

$11.99 each

Hang the Rax Sack over your INVITE FAT RAX Mineral Site and make sure you put a camera on it – get ready for some amazing photos!

 FAT RAX MINERALS really works. 

This guy has been killing the FAT RAX MINERALS even in the rut.

Photo caught on camera by Bobby Duncan.


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We now have Gift Certificates available.

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If you find our shipping rates a little too high over the website, give us a call at 330.766.2287 and we’ll see what we can go to ship it a little less expensive.