Jill’s and Brian 1st Turkey

Back in 2009 Jill and I decided that we would take a day off and devote the turkey opener to ourselves. What better way to spend time with your spouse and see what your management plan can produce at the same time. INVITE has been experimenting with screening cover lines that must do two things. Contain a maximum amount of winter food and provide security for increased daylight activity in a desired food plot.

The particular plot that was used for product testing was lacking soil potential to say the least. We decided to plant buckwheat, oats, grain rye and some clover to help boost the soil for future plantings. The plot was screened in with INVITE’S Deer and Turkey blend and worked great. We found that the turkeys and turkey poults used this field all summer and fall. The field grew rapidly and provided over from owls and hawks. this food plot also attracted a wide variety of insects for the birds to feed on as well.

Knowing there were more turkey on the farm than ever, I decided this would be a good opportunity to introduce my wife to the sport of turkey hunting. She practiced with several guns and found one that fit to the T. With the ground blind strategically placed, Canon XL1S camera with tripod, 2 chairs, and my vest full of turkey calls, decoys, and shells. We sat out to film the hunt at 5:45 am. With temperatures in the mid 40’s, 20-30 mph winds, and rainy conditions I didn’t expect much activity. 8:00 am, surprised by a hen yelping and cutting directly behind the blind I immediately grabbed one of my calls and started yelping and cutting. Gobble – gobble – gobble. Several turkeys came in to our set-too many to count. We enjoyed the show, collected some great footage and she harvested the Big Strutter.

If you have only a 1/4 acre or so to set aside for Wildlife plantings you can make a big difference in their survival. INVITE’S Deer and Turkey Gourmet is formulated to produce a wide variety of forage that will feed deer and turkey from summer to late winter.

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Brian Woods

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