Think Spring

Time to think Food Plots:
Now is the time to get out in the field and do a little food plot maintenance. Frost seed those HOT field corners that deer use on a daily basis. Put the nutrition where they want to be. Freshen up those mineral sites or get one started.
Establish a high quality mineral site in close proximity to your high protein food sources if possible. Bucks and pregnant does are replenishing their bodies at this time. Minerals, forage, clover and chicory are what deer will be looking for.
Frost seed those existing food plots using a hand held spreader and broadcasting a forage clover blend. Stick to small seeds for the best results. Some lime can be broadcast at this time. Pellet lime will be the easiest to work with. Start thinking about those timber openings.
We need to take care of this renewable resource and remember every inch of habitat counts.
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thinkspring (1)
Bobby Duncan seeding a food plot.
thinkspring (2)
Fat Rax Mineral site.
thinkspring (3)
See the products page for a complete listing of seed.

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