Timber Openings

Food Plots outside the Box(Timber Openings)
In order to have a successful  timber opening food plot you need to ensure that there is sufficient sunlight reaching the ground. If you need to take a tree or two to achieve sunlight  requirement (4-6hrs). Try selecting maples, poplars, or elm trees. The old saying a chainsaw is a deers best friend is the absolute truth. Maple trees and saplings cut 2 to 3 feet from the ground will create a bush full of maple leaves that deer can easily reach to forage on. Deer love maple leaves and this is a simple way to add more deer food to your property.
Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to create a large timber opening food plot. Small openings are the best way to get started. Start small and add on later. My best food plot is only 8 yards x 35 yards and is strategically placed next to a main bedding area. Last November on a cold frosty morning 3 does stopped by to forage in this little plot at day break. As the does fed off I knew I was in for a show. A steady flow of bucks tracked these does right past my stand. That morning I passed (13) bucks all of which were in easy bow range.
The first step to creating a timber opening hotspot is to rake off the leaves and debris from the area. Once all the leaves and debris have been removed, broadcast some lime and fertilizer. If it is possible to rototil or disc the area do so now to incorporate lime and fertilizer into the soil. Seed the entire area with a quality forage like INVITES XX-Woodland forage, and pack the seed firmly against the soil. Seed to soil contact is critical for the food plot to establish properly. Finish off the job by setting up a mineral site a few yards off the plot. This will greatly increase deer traffic in your area.
Timber opening food plots are will worth effort. I have seen the results first hand as we were testing our seed blends prior to bringing them to the market. We found that we were changing travel patterns everywhere we used this system. With Whitetails its all about the food. For tech support or to place an order contact Bob Duncan Sr. INVITE X-Tream Wildlife System at 330-889-2087.
Brian Woods

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