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West Farmington Ohio is the home of Invite X-Tream Wildlife Systems and we started the company in 2003 with liquid fertilizer and Gly-Plus herbicide. At that time we tested these products on everything under the sun. We found that our fertilizer would work extremely well on perennial legumes and annuals such as corn, beans, oats, brassicas, etc.

Two years later we decided to add our very own special seed varieties and test these special blends with our liquid fertilizer. We found that these highly nutritious seed blends planted in strategic locations caused excessive weight gain in deer and turkeys.

We continued testing our product line and documented our findings. This allowed us to write detailed instructions for optimum success. Our seed blends were available to serious sportsman in the Spring of 2007. We made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Also in the Spring of 2007, we wanted to test our abilities on mineral establishment. With a staff full of educated deer experts and years of hunting experience, we formulated the best mineral mix. This mineral mix was very attractive to deer; however, it lacked the nutritional value we were looking for. With all our research and Pro-staffers, we were able to keep the attractiveness of our minerals and achieve the nutritional value to grow exceptional bucks and also stimulate milk production in lactating does.

Our mission at INVITE is to provide the necessary products to improve every square inch of wildlife habitat by continuous observation, testing, and field research and to maintain renewable resources for generations to come.
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