INVITE Product Photos



Our Invite XX Woodland Forage plot is coming along nicely.  We’ve only had 2 good rains in the last month as North/West Texas gets very little rain.  Nonetheless, we and our deer should be in excellent shape come late season.  Don’t mind the hog wallow and rooting in the middle.  We have something for them as well.
Thanks for such a great product,


Brian website first

This man loves to hunt…..Jill make room in the house for another wall hanger!

XX Woodland Forage

We use clear bags so you can see what you are buying. Pure seed, no filler.

Rack x Ploder

Our Rack X Ploder is great for Fall Planting….order yours today!


Wyatt fawns

Jr. Pro Staffer Wyatt Jones caught this mama and her babies on his camera.


Babe's xTream

THE Babe Winkelman loves our seed….this is his X-Tream Perennial plot.


Ben Engelman and his wife love thier INVITE shirts…..looking good!


Watch for us on the road…..

invite on the go


Chris Fourtrack and elk

West coast Elk love FAT RAX Minerals….thanks for the picture Chris.

INVITE from Hunter

Created by Hunter Jones age 9.


8-4 Bob Maloy

Bob Maloy likes what he is seeing on this FAT RAX Mineral Site!


Fred plot
WOW Fred….good job….looking good!




Bobby in food plot

Guess who?

Future Pro Staffers Landen Duncan and Bella Woods holding some INVITE Rape.

Sweet Addiction Fat Rax

Sweet Addiction has deer hitting their FAT RAX Mineral Sites.

Rack X Ploder 10 days

INVITE Rack X Ploder after 10 days.




Riley Emery deer on camera

Riley Emery sees the results…….INVITE works!!!!


mama and baby

Love this pic!

Bobby needs to mow plot

This food plot is awesome…..and needs mowed….Get busy Bobby!  smiley

Gary Wilson 3

INVITE Customer, Gary of Gilmer Texas hasn’t seen deer on his property in years.

He bought FAT RAX Minerals a couple months ago and look what he caught on camera!


I love my FAT RAX Minerals!

day one

What a beautiful site!

Buck - Lee Stroup

Lee Stroup from Revolution Hunting has been using FAT RAX Minerals for years.

He’s been watching this guy for four years and this year he said……he’s going down!


X-Tream Perennial plot

Our X-Tream Perennial comes back great year after year.


XTream and Mineral

Just starting to setup your hunting area, low on cash…..these are the only two things you need to get started!


Daniel Moncier

INVITE Turnips…..the deer will destroy these tasty treats!



INVITE Rack X Ploder…..


Chicory 2

INVITE Chicory




Does your current food plot seed grow to your knees?

New logo in field


This is an INVITE X-Tream Wildlife System Radish!


Awesome food plot picture…..

food_plot6Food plot

This is why we say “INVITE them to dinner!”

deer 4

Supply FAT RAX Minerals all year long….


deer in field

What a beautiful morning…….