Photo Gallery

INVITE Customer Kevin Gullett likes what he is seeing….
Looking good Kevin!!
2016 Bobby and Landen Duncan got bucks this year.
This was Landen’s first buck – little 5 point….Way to go !
John Stinson can’t believe how fast our seed comes up….this is less than a week!
Matt Bowen hasn’t put any minerals down in over a month and the deer are still scratching the earth.

I put down Invite Foodplots mineral down just over a week ago. They are already eating the stumps and digging the ground! Pretty impressive!


This is SO cool! We’ve done quite a bit of work to create a sweet little backyard food plot (Invite clover/alfalfa mix) and it’s really paying off. All summer we’ve had deer hanging around and its awesome to capture pics like these.
Kickapoo Valley Outdoors

Got it done on this big SW Wisconsin bruiser! He was a regular on my Rack XPloder plot, I shot him off a trail that leads to that plot. Could not have done it without that food source


Shawn Betts

This is the buck I call raxs because he loved the fat rax minerals he is a four year old buck

Marcus Bowser,

Trail Enders field staff Marcus Bowser age 15 shot this massive Western Pa whitetail last Sat with his compound as it had its last supper in the Invite X-tream Wildlife Systems food plot! What a buck!
Brad Gootee put the smack down on big drop tine! He’d been hitting the Fat Rax mineral sites hard all spring and summer which got him his name “Rax”! Invite X-treme Wildlife Systems grows em big!

Jr ProStaffer Wyatt Jones likes what he is seeing on his camera.

He’s after this guy.

Ask him what he thinks of FAT RAX Minerals.

Good luck Wyatt….go get him!

wyatt's deer 2     's deer

Jr ProStaffer Hunter Jones age 11 got this doe on Sunday.

Way to go!

hunter deer 2015


John Stinson


John Stinson likes what he’s seeing on his camera.


Marc Cavannaugh deer fat rax     Marc Cavannaugh X20 Plot

INVITE customer Marc Cavannagh likes our minerals and seed (X20).

Thanks Marc for the awesome photos.


Detty Outdoors Fat Rax area

Detty Outdoors likes what they are seeing…..tear up those FAT RAX Minerals!


KNC Outdoors


Kirby Bros Outdoors


Tuned In Archery

Tuned In Archery getting it done!


Kevin Forrer

 Kevin Forrer got this monster on his camera. WOW now that’s a nice rack!



Midwest Trophy Hunters Fat Rax Site

This is one big hole….FAT RAX Minerals can’t be beat!


Bobby and Speedy

Bobby Duncan and Speedy……


Chad Duncan 4 week X-tream
INVITE Pro Staffer Chad Duncan is amazed how fast his X-Tream Perennial Plot came up….


Josh Adams Fat Rax

Josh Adams caught this buck on his FAT RAX Mineral Site.

Mike Kimbler x tream

Mike Kimbler caught these deer in his X-Tream Food Plot…..Nice!

Mike Cantrell

Michael Cantrell is liking what he’s seeing on his camera!  Love the INVITE!


Wyatt fawns

Jr. Pro Staffer Wyatt Jones caught this mama and her babies on his camera. How cute!


Hunters deer  Hunter - mama and fawns


Jr. Pro Staffer Hunter Jones caught this deer on his camera munching away!


Jim Cogar 3 Jim Cogar



Let’s hear it for the ladies……great job Tracey!



INVITE Customer Tim Smith took home this nice gobbler!

Tim Smith


First time turkey for Landen Duncan and first time coyote for Logan Duncan.

Go Team INVITE!!

Nice job guys……

Landen Duncan and turkey  Logan and coyote

Wyatt Jones with his first Turkey and his dog Cami.



Bob Duncan Sr….working a show…..hardest working man in the business!

Good job boss!

Bob working


Use it… wont’ be disapponted….

Invite jacket


Lee Stroup of Revolution Hunting getting his FAT RAX out.

Lee Stroup


Frederick Cherry has two special helpers…..good job helping Dad!

Cherry boys

Riley Emery is a repeat INVITE Customer…….can you see why?

Riley deer feed

Bobby Duncan was scouting a new hunting spot and found this rub. Christmas came early!

Bobby deer rub

Bobby and Pigs

Not only did he find a great rub he found these guys….yuck!


Fat Rax this way.


Deer and Turkey love our new INVITE Deer Feed…thanks Petersburg Outiftters for the great pics!



Andy deer

Andy Rader got this buck in Trumbull County Ohio.

Nice one!

Joel Martin

INVITE Pro Staffer Joel Martin’s first deer of 2013.


Brian Woods got to spend a week at Petersburg Outfitters in Kansas and did the Outfitter

a favor by taking out this 6 year old rake.

Brian Kansas 2013

Brian Prentice got this nice 8 point….way to go Brian.

Scott Prentice 2013 Fall


Bradley Johnson of R.I.P. Huntin sent us these great pics! Thanks Brad.


Jackie from R.I.P. Huntin’ took down this buck over an INVITE Mineral site….Congratulations Jackie


Fred and MikeMike

Mike McCabe of Sportsman Of North America got to spend some time with Frederick Cherry

who always has time to help a hunter in need.  Fred you are awesome!

Rebecca WolfeRebecca Wolfe pic

New INVITE Customer Rebecca Wolfe couldn’t believe how fast her XX Woodland Forage came up.

Fat Neck Outfitters 2013

Fat Neck Outfitters caught this bad boys on camera and couldn’t be happier.

Tim KlieschTim Kliesch 2

INVITE Customer Tim Lliesch planted his food plot with X-Tream Perennial.

Steve long

INVITE Customer Steve Long of VA knows what works, INVITE FAT RAX Minerals!

Elite predator -deer in field

Elite Predator TV food plot was up in 9 days. Check out his pattern…..deer buffet!

Chase Adams getting it done!

INVITE Customer Chase Adams has found a perfect spot!

Little boy with fat rax bag

This little guy is helping his dad….good job buddy!


Loyal INVITE customer Lee Stroupe getting a new stand ready.

Good luck friend!

gary Wilson 2      Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson of Gilmer Texas is loving the pictures he’s getting on his cameras since he started using

FAT RAX Minerals!

3 bucks at site




Little Caleb got to go to the Big R store with dad Mike Wulf and they picked up a bag of FAT RAX Minerals. Thanks Guys!!

Steve Long buck

INVITE customer Steve Long is watching this guy hitting his FAT RAX Mineral site!

Illinois Head Hunters 2Illinois Head Hunters

The guys at Illinois Head Hunters are getting in their plots…..good job Shawn!

Fred and kyle

Frederick Cherry and Kyle Smith are working hard on their plots!


Bob 2013 Turkey

INVITE Owner Robert Duncan Sr with his 2013 bird, 22# with a 10″ beard.


Chad Duncan

Another hunter on the team….Welcome Chad!

Make them go - FAT RAX - Lee Stroup

Thanks for the great photo Lee.

Wicked Outdoors

The guys at Wicked Outdoors are getting it done!!

Bella and RachelBella and bird

Bella Woods, daughter of INVITE Seed and Mineral Specialist Brian Woods and her cousin Rachel Bockelman tag teamed this bird. Rachel winged him and Bella blasted him.

26 lbs with 1 -1/2 inch spurs.

Good job girls.

Logan and shed 2013

Logan didn’t get a bird on his first day of hunting but he found this cool shed.

Logan and Bobby 2013

Bobby Duncan, INVITE Sales Manager and son Logan heading to the blind to see if Logan can get his 2013 bird.

Good luck little man!

Frederick Cherry - getting it done!

INVITE customer Frederick Cherry getting his food plot in…..


man on tractorBen Moore in TN

Ben Moore from Tennessee knows how and what to plant!

XTream and MineralX-Tream Perennial

Make them thrive 365

Chuck Woods and Turkey2012 Brian turkey

These men know where to find the big gobblers….over an INVITE Food Plot.

Dad – Chuck Woods and INVITE Seed and Mineral Specialist Brian Woods.

Matt Carter with seedMatt Carter and Fat Rax

Matt Carter loves his Food Plot Seed and  FAT RAX Minerals…..

INVITE Products from Fred
Coolest picture ever!  Thanks Frederick Cherry.  Good luck hunting in MO in April, we want to see pictures!

Mason Beltz and Bobby

Mason Beltz of Saffafras Outdoors and Bobby Duncan. Mason has been an INVITE customer for a couple years.

He knows his stuff, we are so impressed with this young man.


Tim Antler 2

Tim Woods shared these two photos with us and this is what he had to say, ” This is why I plant INVITE Perennial Plots – good food source all year long!


Tim Woods antler

Great tip from Pro Staffer Brian Woods.

When starting a mineral program think about the big picture ( water, food, and security cover) when choosing a site. Fringes of security cover have worked best for me!

Go to the Article Tab and select Brian’s article Safe Zones and Travel Patterns.

Brian minerals



Come on summer!!!

Shed Head

Wow… you don’t see this everyday!

Brian and customer

INVITE Pro Staffer Brian Woods…talking with a customer at the Niles Show.

Elite Predator and INVITE

Plant it


Get yours today

We ship anywhere is the USA….give us a call. 

SkullBound and INVITE team

Check us out on Skull Bound TV –

Jana Waller and Jim Kinsey stopped by the booth.

Tim Woods 6 point

Tim Woods has been hunting over INVITE Food Plots for years and believes in our product.

Check out this massive 6 point he shot.

Hunter and Wyatt

These two future Pro Staffers are all smiles, they love being in the woods hunting with Dad.

Mike Deer Farm

This is why Pro Staffer Mike Stassins loves his job……


INVITE Chicoryturnips deer bite

Yes, you are right that is INVITE Chicory!         That’s one big bite of Turnip….that deer is coming back for more!

customer 2Jeff Barrackman

     Happy INVITE customers.

George Basile Sr

George Basile Sr and son Rick.



Wildlife can’t resist these tasty treats!

deer and fat raxfat rax and hole

Order yours today….

HunterWyatt first deer 2013Taylor1

8 Year old Hunter Jones got this doe in 2012, brother Wyatt who is 7 got his first button buck in 2013. Big Sister Taylor is still waiting to get hers.


Brian doe 2013Brian


Brian and big deer for TSC2010 Brian Iowa deer

Pro Staffer Brian Woods loves to hunt.  


Logan 1st turkeyBobby and Logan 1st turkey

8 year old Logan Duncan’s first turkey.                                                       Logan and proud Dad, Bobby Duncan.


Rick deer

Pro Staffer Rick Basile.

Dave and TonyBobby scary

Pro Staffer Dave Moody and his friend Tony hunting in PA.      Our favorite picture of Sales Manager Bobby Duncan….

Ben turkey 2012                            Scott

Pro Staffer Ben Stolba.                                                                                                    Pro Staffer Scott Prentice


Nice buck!                                                                                                                             Team INVITE scores!


Mike Stassins 2012 bird          

Pro Staffer Mike Stassinis

kids and turkeyskidturkey

This kids know how to have a good time! Nice job.

Bobby Texas deerBobby and boys

Bobby Duncan and his Texas buck.                                                                            Logan, Bobby and Landen