Fat Rax Mineral Mix 8 lb

I got to check on my cameras on Monday 6/16/2012. I set up 2 sites in Morgan County where I deer hunt and the deer are on them just about everyday! Fat Rax is doing its job! One site seems to be visited by bucks mostly, while the other site is frequented by more does. The does seem to be very charged up around the mineral lick. Up on their rear legs and fighting. Thanks for a great product and I am ordering more on Friday!
Date Added: 06/18/2014 by Mike Hawkins Jr


x-20 small

1/4 Acre -X-20 Perennial Plot 2.25 lbs


This mix is great and in our first spring planting our plots have grown in very tall and thick, with alot of tonage which is why we need on our land because of high deer density. Bobby Duncan and his staff have been very helpful and they sell a great product. We are currently planting all the varieties of fall seeds they sell. If their fall planting seeds do half as well as their x-20 we will be very happy, and so will our wildlife!! Thanks Invite!!
Date Added: 07/12/2013 by Michael Foster